Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why blog now?

My first experience with online blogging began with Xanga. I can't say that I truly blogged, but I did share a lot of...interesting things with the world. I found my motivation to write was rather narcsissistic, a cry out for attention, rather than wanting to share real-life observations or revelations. And that quickly led to no where good, so I put Xanga aside and never really considered blogging again. That was until I saw the movie Julie & Julia. Not the best movie, but I yearned for the commitment and the wherewithall to share the successes and failures of daily life. So, here I am. I imagine an inspirational pop song playing over a montage of me typing away at my keyboard, illustrating the passage of time...but instead it's just me. There's no music. There's no montage. Just the hum of my computer, and sound of cars passing on the street outside my apartment, and every now and then me reading what I've typed out loud. A good start, I think.